Polyethene terephthalate, or PET, is a compound utilized in the making of a large number of plastic containers. It is vital to take note that PET drink bottles do not contain BPA (bisphenol-A). PET and BPA are frequently confounded by shoppers since both these materials can be utilized in the manufacturing of containers. Nonetheless, PET and BPA are just about as different as apples and orangutans.

The FDA has approved PET containers absolutely safe for food packaging.

At the point when you look at the lower part of most plastic beverage bottles, you must see a recycle image/symbol and a particular number in the centre. Various manufacturers worldwide and the FDA have considered PET containers to be ok for routine use as well as reusing purposes. PET is non-poisonous, safe for food and drinks, and is environment-friendly for recycling as well as reusing by end users.

Companies transitioning to PET beverage bottles over glass

PET is a kind of polyester and can be formed easily into a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is solid Breakage-free and apart from being lightweight. Many packaging organizations have transitioned to PET refreshment bottles over glass because of the weight and different design choices FDA approved plastic. You will find PET containers almost everywhere for same reasons including drinks, foodstuffs, beauty care products, drugs, cleaners, auto merchandise, and significantly more.

PET Containers can be customized as per some particular packaging needs

PET container providers can work with you to figure out what your specific packaging needs are and track down one-of-a-kind designs or sizes for your product needs. Since PET containers are so flexible, numerous product packaging organizations have settled on the decision to utilize PET. And, needless to say, all this happens with the help of Pet Bottle Mold for Single Stage made and supplied by the quality mold makers in India. With the availability of significant container suppliers, you will be assessing a few distinct choices before making your final decision on the PET containers to serve a large number of applications.

India: An Ocean of opportunities for PET container manufacturers and suppliers

India is a country of momentous potential and opportunities when it comes to predicting the growth of the PET containers market. The second most crowded country on the planet (1.27 billion) has been perhaps the fastest developing economy in recent years. Of course, with a vast percentage of the young population in the country, the utilization of refreshments (and resultantly PET packaging) in the country has gone up at high rates. With an estimated yearly development of more than 10% each year before long, the Indian refreshment market and the PET industry are supposed to keep up with their solid run for years to come.

Environment facts related to PET containers

Recycling – getting more and more sophisticated with each passing day

All PET plastic containers can be recycled. As per a recently concluded survey by Recoup’s UK Household Plastics Collection, almost 60% of PET plastic containers in the waste stream are currently being gathered for recycling. This figure in the year 2001 was only 3%. Through innovations and technological advancements, the recycling of PET containers is getting more and more sophisticated with each passing day. PET plastic containers have been upgraded with the goal that they are 30% lighter than they were a long time back and expanding measures of reused plastic are utilized to fabricate better and finer containers.

There is a need to make sure that recycling rates continue to go higher and higher, and soft drinks and other industries come forward to urge common users to recycle their waste or used plastic bottles without discarding them as litter. The ever-growing graph of litter needs to be handled judiciously with the full support of the industry as well as through full-scale public campaigns against littering.

Top Reasons why PET containers score heavily over containers made of other materials such as glass:

  • PET bottles produced using either Single Stage Molds or ADS Molds are extremely lightweight benefitting both different product manufacturers as well as end users.
  • For manufacturers, it is easy to transport them to longer distances with the least possible logistics charges. And, for consumers or end-users, the lightweight PET containers provide them with unmatched ease of handling. They can carry them wherever they want.
  • When it comes to cooling different beverages, it is very easy for the customers to chill them as PET containers are the quickest as far as chilling in the refrigerator is concerned.
  • Unlike glass, PET containers do not break or shatter easily causing no harm to the users at all.
  • PET bottles not only keep the stuff safe for a longer duration but also preserve them for users’ peace of mind.
  • PET containers are 100% recyclable when compared to other conventional plastic packaging. Because of the same, the Government is also promoting PET container recycling as this move helps reduce waste accumulation in dumping grounds.
  • PET plastic bottles can be given any desired shape offering ease to manufacturers of food and non-food items to showcase their products differently and uniquely.
  • Manufacturers can do different types of experiments when it comes to promoting their brand with a large number of unique and distinctive product designs.
  • PET always renders adaptive designing, offering unmatched flexibility wherein bottle shape and size can be switched easily as and when needed.


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