Quality And Testing

At ADS, quality is not a routine activity but a mission. We believe that each and every variable or component involved in the formation of a mold system is of extreme importance for its final success. Therefore, we test and assess event the minutest details to ensure that the final product is an epitome of flawlessness and perfection.

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Starting right from the finest quality raw material to the end product, the whole process focuses on the best product with no iota of compromise.

To achieve the maximum level of quality in our product range, we make use of ultra sophisticated tools and machines to carry out the processes.

Our best-in-class manufacturing process renders lowest possible cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variation.

We choose supreme quality material for both mold parts and base for undaunted resistance for wear and corrosion.

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  • Ultra-modern laboratory for zero-error inspection and testing
  • Advanced testing machinery and instruments to facilitate speedy testing processes.
  • Flash-less Parting-lines and consistent weight
  • Testing of each mold under stringent production conditions
  • Experienced quality auditors keep close watch on individual testing process
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