Aiming to achieve the best quality in pet bottle mold for single stage, Acme Drinktec has installed advanced software to carry out the new-age product designing, Simulation, mold manufacturing and molds for One step ISBM process. The company’s advanced design studio for ISBM molds is capable of creating:

  • Molds for Nissei ASB 50MB Machine
  • Molds for Nissei ASB 12M Machine
  • Molds for Nissei ASB 70DPH Machine
  • Molds for Nissei ASB 70DPW Machine
  • Molds for AOKI 250LL Machine
  • Molds for other ISBM Machine

With all these molds for one step machine and dimensions in place, a large variety of containers can be created.

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  • the champion
  • cosmetics poster
  • bbay with bottles


The moulding is the process of shaping an object into a desired profile. The container moulding process can be of two types including injection and extrusion moulding processes. The diverse stages of moulding are as follows:

Stage 1: Preparation

Here, the plastic resins are melted with a regulated heating mechanism. It is ensured that the liquid is melted, uniformly.

Stage 2: Shaping

The liquid is introduced in the mould i.e. the dies. When the fluid is introduced between the dies, it takes up the shape and is, eventually, cooled off.

Stage 3: Ejection

Once the object has conformed to the shape of the die, it is ejected. A process of finishing off takes place afterward.

To minimize the effort of the manufacturers, our company has developed an assortment of single-stage moulds. The manufacturers can create a bulk quantity of the containers at once with our single-step machines. We produce a variety of single-step moulds designed for the Injection Stretch Blow Moulding process. They include-

  • 50MB Machine Moulds
  • 12M Machine Moulds
  • 70DPH Machine Moulds
  • 70DPW Machine Moulds
  • Moulds for Other ISBM Machines

All the moulds are created by keeping the feasibility of manufacturing at the core. Our moulds are designed for a seamless single-stage process to manufacture pet bottles of top quality. Therefore, you can be assured of the best quality for your customers for the containers.