Plastic molds including ADS and single stage molds play a crucial role in producing a large number of industrial as well as domestic products before they come into the hands of end-users. These products undergo injection molds in several forms. Injection molding is one of the most popular and effective processes in which molten plastic is infused into a premade mold of a certain size and dimension. After the forceful insertion, the liquid plastic is cooled while it is inside the mold.

What makes injection molding popular for plastic product production?

ADS molds are utilized heavily aiming at the cost reduction associated with a large number of manufacturing processes and techniques available. This technology has emerged as the most preferred one because it offers quick turnaround time while the procedure is carried out. Reaction injection molding is another form of new-age plastic molding that is heavily used not only for polymer but also fiberglass and epoxy.

Here is an overview of services, processes, and equipment design used during the manufacturing of these products around the globe-

Plastic molding services

Plastic molding services that are contributing profusely to the economy of all the developed and even developing countries result from the following types of major molding methodologies-

● Rotational molding
● Blow molding
● Thermoforming and compression molding
● Mold prototyping
● Insert molding
● Micro-molding
● Two-shot injection molding
● Machining and hot stamping.

All the above-mentioned services have their own merits, attributes, and characteristics that make them different and unique from one another.

Machining: the most important phase of the molding process

Machining is the most important phase of the molding process in which all molds are removed making use either of turning, drilling, or milling. In micro-molding, some special mini molding machines are used to manufacture small-sized parts. The parts made through this process are generally two grams in weight. On the other side, in the two-shot injection process, any particular plastic product is manufactured making use of two shots of crude materials exploiting only a single operation. Most Single Stage Molds are obtained by following the same process.

Design and development of three-dimensional or 3D CAD models

The process of plastic molding cannot be carried without some standard processes. First of all, a three-dimensional or 3D CAD model is designed and developed on computers equipped with an advanced set of software. It is done when a particular customer wants to see the prototypes of a particular mold. This three-dimensional or 3D CAD model is prepared in both cases, be it ADS molds or Single Stage Molds. The following things are considered during the prototype and consultation process:

● Manufacturing methodology
● Production rate
● Number of parts
● Type of materials
● Cost and precision.

What does it take to create a consistent design?

The designing of the prototype and the final mold is the most crucial process. The reputed manufacturers of ADS molds and Single Stage Molds in India have state-of-the-art design studios equipped with ultra-advanced tools, technology, and design engineers that strive hard to create molds with consistent dimensions.

The design engineers ensure the following things in the designing lab-

● A thorough study of the design feasibility
● Innovation-driven designing with process simulations for improved cavitation
● Optimal thickness, stretchability, low weight, and thread fitment
● Shortest delivery periods with the lowest testing requirements
● Use of appropriate and perfectly balanced hot runners to make sure that sufficient melt flow and injection pressure is there in all the cavities
● Uniform heat transfer and cooling.

Plastic mold equipment and infrastructure

Fabrication of different types of machinery is one of the most important parts of the mold manufacturing process. During the equipment designing process, barrels, liners, feeders, and various other crucial components are also created. Various special forms of equipment for different types of plastic molds are designed and developed. A few remarkable examples of machining solutions for plastic mold designs include-

● Injection molding
● Blow molding, and
● Thermoplastic injection.

The fundamental outputs from such equipment are insulated runners and CAM, encapsulating stack as well as insert molds.

The Testing Phase

The testing is one of the last but not the least important phases of effective and efficient injection molding. Be it ADS molds or Single Stage Molds, it is the testing that determines the serviceability of all molds. The manufacturers have to be very particular about everything right from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the end product. The primary purpose of the entire process is to focus on the supreme quality product with no scope of compromise in any area. To achieve the maximum levels of quality and high precision, mold manufacturers use highly sophisticated tools and technology to monitor the quality monitoring process.

They ensure the following in the quality lab in both ADS and single-stage molds-

● Minimum cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variation
● Undaunted resistance for wear and corrosions
● Comprehensive testing of all molds under stringent production conditions
● Making sure that the end product is the epitome of flawlessness and perfection.

The Endnote

Acme Drinktec Solutions or ADS is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers offering high-quality ADS Molds and Single Stage Molds to its global clientele. The company has been offering molds for producing containers made of materials such as PET, PP, PC, TRITAN, and many more. Acme Drinktec Solutions has more than 20 years of proven experience and expertise within the industry in providing customized, yet cost-effective molding solutions for a large number of PET bottle segments.

Being an associate company of Acme Die Systems – the market-leading manufacturer of PET preforms and cap molds in the country, Acme Drinktec Solutions or ADS was founded by the Acme Group with the sole aim to become a complete PET packaging solutions provider in India.

What strengthens the company’s stature as a leading mold maker includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, highly skilled and experienced manpower, dedicated team of design and development engineers, advanced CNC and VMC machines procured from leading Japanese and Korean companies, an ultra-modern tool room, precision machines for milling, turning, surface grinding, and its penchant for quality and reliability in its entire product range.

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[…] Plastic molds including ADS and single stage molds play a crucial role in producing a large number of industrial as well as domestic products before they come into the hands of end-users. These products undergo injection molds in several forms.  […]

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